Carpet Maintenance Program

Carpet Maintenance in GTA

At GME, our technicians will customize a cost-efficient Carpet Maintenance in Toronto, Mississauga or nearby areas that will enhance the appearance of your carpets and keep them cleaner, fresher and longer lasting.

GME’s unique approach to carpet cleaning provides you and your family with a better overall cleaning experience. GME uses the power of carbonation to extract more dirt and soil from your carpets, giving them a deeper cleaner carpet. Additionally, our cleaning substances only require the use of a fraction of the moisture steam cleaners require. This allows your carpets to dry quicker and helps prevent the growth of mold and mildew under your carpet.

Our unique solutions mean that we clean deeper, but more gently. We remove smells and stain from deep within your carpets, not just the surface, so you know your carpet are really clean. GME leaves your carpets clean and fresh without soaking them with water and harsh chemicals. Most other carpet cleaning methods force water down into your carpet fibers and padding, and through suction is used to remove the water, a large amount remains. This creates a breeding ground for mold, mildew and other bacteria that can be harmful to your home and family. When you choose GME, your carpets dry in 1-2 hours, rather than the 1-2 days required by most carpet cleaning companies. For Carpet Maintenance in Mississauga give us a call.

Carpet Maintenance in Mississauga

Here at GME, our experienced cleaning professionals improve the appearance of your carpets, including keeping them fresh and long-lasting by designing a personalized plan that will not only be affordable but also highly efficient. Our distinctive approach to carpet cleaning provides our clients with a better overall cleaning experience. Using the power of carbonation to remove dirt and soil from your carpets, we give them a much cleaner carpet. Unlike most cleaning substances, the cleaning substances we use require only a fraction of the moisture of steam cleaners. This ensures your carpet dries quickly and prevents further growth of mould or mildew under your carpet. If you are in search of the best Carpet Maintenance in Mississauga, look no further than GME.

Why choose our Carpet Maintenance in Toronto?

We use the latest equipment, solutions and methods to provide your carpets with a deep clean making a visible difference.

Most carpet cleaning companies focus on the surface with a quick clean, we carry out a deep clean ensuring all the stubborn dirt and soil are removed..

100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Your carpets will dry in 1 – 2 hours, instead of 1 – 2 days like most carpet cleaning companies.

Looking for the best Carpet Maintenance in Toronto? Call GME today for a first-class Carpet Maintenance in Toronto


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Longer carpet service life

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